We develop proprietary drugs designed to offer significant improvements to patients and physicians. Our expertise consists of developing new drugs and guiding these through various regulatory and development pathways in preparation for their eventual commercialization. We generally focus our drug development efforts around disorders of the nervous system, such as chronic pain, with a primary focus on developing opioid formulations designed to reduce the potential risks of abuse or unintended use.


PTI-125 is an oral, small molecule drug candidate that was designed in-house and characterized by outside collaborators. PTI-125 has been shown to significantly improve AD neuropathologies in mouse models of the disease and in post-mortem brain tissue from AD patients, including receptor dysfunctions, neuroinflammation, tau hyperphosphorylation, insulin resistance and plaques and tangles that are hallmarks of AD. PTI-125 completed a Single Ascending Dose Phase I clinical trial in healthy volunteers with no drug-related side effects and dose-proportional pharmacokinetics. The PTI-125 program is supported by research grants from the National Institute on Aging of the NIH.

Note: Our drug candidates are investigational drugs not approved by FDA and are not authorized for marketing in the U.S. for any indication.