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PTI-609, a Novel Strong Analgesic Without Addictive Properties
-- WIP 2012
Remoxy when Tampered
-- AAPM, 2011
Remoxy Phase III
-- IASP, 2008
Remoxy Alcohol Interaction
-- IASP, 2008
-- APS, 2006
Neuropathic Pain
-- APS, 2006

Journal Articles
Reducing Amyloid-Related Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis by a Small Molecule Targeting Filamin A
-- The Journal of Neuroscience, 18 July 2012, 32(29):9773-9784
Remoxy®: A Novel Formulation of Extended-Release Oxycodone Developed Using the ORADUR® Technology
-- The Journal of Applied Research, Vol.10, No.3, 2010
PTI-609: A Novel Analgesic that Binds Filamen A to Control Opioid Signaling
-- Recent Patents on CNS Drug Discovery, 2010, 5, 210-220
Naloxone’s Pentapeptide Binding Site on Filamin A Blocks Mu Opioid Receptor–Gs Coupling and CREB Activation of Acute Morphine
-- PLoS, 1/2009
High-Affinity Naloxone Binding to Filamin A Prevents Mu Opioid Receptor–Gs Coupling Underlying Opioid Tolerance and Dependence
-- PLoS, 2/2008
G[beta][gamma] that interacts with adenylyl cyclase in opioid tolerance originates from a Gs protein.
-- Journal of Neurobiology, 10/2006
Ultra-low-dose naloxone suppresses opioid tolerance, dependence and associated changes in Mu opioid receptor -- G protein coupling and G beta gamma signaling.
-- Neuroscience, 8/2005
Ultra-low-dose naltrexone suppresses rewarding effects of opiates and aversive effects of opiate withdrawal in rats.
-- Psychopharmacology, 7/2005
Site-specific genomic integration produces therapeutic Factor IX levels in mice
-- Nature Biotechnology, November 2002